Last evening was ‘Twelth Assembly District Night” at the celebration in Prospect Hall for the benefit of The Prospect Park Zoo. Headed by Executive Member Timothy E. Griffin, of the Twelfth Assembly District Club and Alois Keogh, president of the club, the members turned out in great numbers to attend the affair. The Republicans of the district under the command of John T. Rafferty and former Congressman William M. Calder also turned out in force with the result that the second night’s performance of the entertainment so far was the best attended. The members of the party were met at the hall by County Clerk Charles S. Devoy and Senator William J. Heffernan.

So many persons wanted to get into the hall last night that the doors were thrown wide open by the committee to the public. No tickets were required. The fine minstrel show by the Devoy Minstrels was repeated.
This afternoon there will be an entertainment for the benefit of the children. In the yard of the hall there will be an exhibition of a large number of the Zoo animals. According to the plans of the committee the exhibition will consist of elephants, bears, trained dogs and lions.
In the evening the minstrel show will be given again. The committee has big hopes of securing more than enough money for the big Zoo.

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