“A Popular Hall: Proprietor Kolle Looks out for Patrons Comfort” 

That Prospect Hall is the mecca of all up-to-date society folks of South Brooklyn goes without saying, but a word as to the cause of its popularity may not be amiss in the height of this busiest social season in its history.

Although the hall with its spaciousness and excellent appointments is sufficient for those desiring to add lavishness and finish to their entertainments, these attractions would be perceptibly diminished were it not for the genial, solicitous and helpful personality of the proprietor, D. Kolle, who may always be found in close proximity to various committees in charge of the affairs, anxious and eager to add whatever may be needed for the completeness and enjoyment of the occasions.

During the entire length of the busy social season, Mr. Kolle and his corps of able assistants by whom every courtesy is extended to the visitors, may be found night after night, busying themselves about the various details incumbent upon the management of so large and popular an establishment.
Democrats, Republicans, Progressives, church, fraternal, and social organizations receive alike the same kindly attention and deferential consideration from the genial proprietor, which has gained for him a universal popularity equaled by few men in the district.

This hall itself, with its magnificent appointments, up-to-date equipment, inviting grillroom, finished in quaint Dutch style, and its central location makes it by far the most prominent public hall in the entire borough.

Everything conducive to pleasure is encompassed within its walls: escellent dancing floors, the best music obtainable, its Sunday night receptions and strict adherence to its rule of high-class attendance only. It is within easy access of trolley and elevated lines and operates a system of taxicabs and coach calls.

A casual observation of its many attractions provides the reason for its unceasing and constantly increasing popularity.

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