Location Report: The Golden Festival Returns to Grand Prospect Hall!

Golden Festival, the two night celebration of Balkan traditions recently returned to Grand Prospect Hall. The annual event is the largest Balkan celebration in the country. The Festival features traditional music, dance, food and libations from the Balkans and Middle East.

Golden Festival has a rich history of 35 years in New York. Grand Prospect Hall is proud to host the celebration for the past 10 years. Presented by Zlatne Uste Brass Band, the event features over 50 musical acts. Golden Festival is centered around the Balkans, however, participants of the festival were from around the globe. For example, featured guests hailed from Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Greece, Serbia, Sweden to name a few. 

Golden Festival was also a charitable event. Profits from the Golden festival are donated to charities related to Balkan cultures and communities.  Therefore, the event not only provides a place to learn and participate in various traditions but the chance to give back

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Take a look at the behind the scenes photos from the Golden Festival at Grand Prospect Hall below: