Location Report : Schneps Media ‘Kings of Kings’ at Grand Prospect Hall

The media mavens at Schneps Media brought Brooklyn’s finest to Grand Prospect Hall. The ‘Kings of Kings County’ Awards and networking event hosted by Schneps Media was an evening honoring Brooklyn’s industry leaders. Keep scrolling to learn more.

Schneps Media is an award-winning media company. Based in Long Island, the span of the company includes all of NYC and Philadelphia. Schneps is active across print, digital, and television. From niche newspapers and magazines to podcasts, Schneps is a force in the media sphere.

In addition to their many media outlets, Schneps is dedicated to “Recognizing, connecting, informing and  building” community and professional leaders. Therefore, Schneps holds many events in the Greater NYC area.

Above all, Schneps Media is dedicated to giving back to the community. Therefore, in addition to the awards and networking the event included a charity raffle. The Charity raffle raised money for the Make the Grade Foundation. The Foundation provides tutors and incentives to encourage academic achievement. Ultimately, the raffle raised $1,500 for Make the Grade Foundation. The money raised will help the next generation of bright minds.

Read the Brooklyn Paper article for more behind the scenes photos and a list of the honorees in attendance.

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Furthermore, Check out the behind the scenes photos from the Schneps Media ‘ King of Kings’ event at Grand Prospect Hall  below: