Location Report: Yungblud releases short film ‘Lonely Together (a short film about belonging)

Watch the heartfelt Yungblud and VEVO video filmed at Grand Prospect Hall .

British entertainer Yungblud and Vevo LIFT recently released  the video ‘Lonely Together (a short film about belonging)’ filmed here in Grand Prospect Hall. Our French Birdcage Elevator, Grand Staircase and Chopin Room are all featured in the video. 

The artist reflected “I really genuinely think YUNGBLUD was created because I was sick of people telling me what to do,” in an article with Altpress.com

Yungblud, always one to be open and honest with his fans, discusses the harsh journey to victory in the music industry as well as daily  life. The short documentary centers around a group of young adults, including Yungblud. The group have an open and honest discussion about loneliness, acceptance and peer pressure. Dom, the man behind the music, shares the same life struggles as his fans.

This isn’t the first time Vevo brought a talented artist to our venue to film a music video. Grammy award winning singer/songwriter Alessia Cara taped a live performance of “Not Today” at Grand Prospect Hall.  In addition, check out other music videos filmed here at Grand Prospect Hall.

Take a look at the behind the scenes photos from the Yungblud x VEVO short film taped at Grand Prospect Hall below: